Eurotrike PlaySafe – Every Child’s Adventure Toy

Eurotrike has been a trusted manufacturer of kids’ toys for many years. They have continued to produce remarkable toys with better design, make and durability. The Eurotrike Playsafe is one of their top sellers, an adventure toy designed to introduce young children to the joys and wonders of being mobile. With the release of the newest version of Playsafe, there’s plenty for both kids and their parents to be happy about.

The Eurotrike Playsafe is a tricycle — one wheel in front and two wheels at the back. The design is meant to ensure stability and balance, something that many young children do not readily achieve with the basic bicycle.

Features you can expect from Eurotrike Playsafe

– Steering lock system to ensure a steady direction.

– Adjustable seat positions to accommodate a growing child or several users of different ages and sizes.

– Built-in system to limit steering so the child does not over-steer to the left or right (oversteering usually causes the child to slip out of balance).

– Safety grips that ensure no-slip hold and hours of comfort

– Single handbrake

– Footrest to provide the child support when the parent is pushing the tricycle

– Bell to alert parents or guardians that the tricycle is being used

– A high back seat to ensure sufficient back support and prevent the child from falling backward

– A 3-point harness to keep the child in place; locks in and out easily and may be adjusted for a snug fit.

– Has wide, quiet tires for better stability when used.

– Has a self-rightening tipper to prevent unnecessary falls.

– A safety flag to increase the visibility of the child during use

– Comes with a pushbar that parents or guardians can use to steer the tricycle

– Playsafe weighs about 7 kgs. — solid enough to provide a sturdy ride for a small child and light enough for parents to transport.

Although the tires are tough enough, Playsafe is best used on concrete or asphalt.

How old should a child be to use Eurotrike Playsafe?
Playsafe is suitable for children as young as 12 months to as old as 4 years. It also has a weight limit of 25 kgs. Parent supervision is highly recommended, particularly when the user is very young.

The Eurotrike Playsafe has different designs and color schemes for boys and girls, so children have better personal choices.

Care for the Eurotrike Playsafe
For care and maintenance, simply wipe the Playsafe clean with a soft, damp cloth. If dirty or greasy, use a soapy solution and wipe off with clean water. Always dry the components thoroughly.