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How to Get the Best and Cheap Deals on Your Train Tickets

With the even increasing fuel and oil prices, train travel has now become the most preferable and cost effective commuting option for most people these days. Also, with the introduction of e-Tickets, we don’t have to stand in the long queues or counters anymore. The tickets will be e-mailed to you, and you can have them printed on your end.

You could look up the cheap train ticket finder websites to find information about the ticket fares being offered by various railway service providers. You can easily compare the deals, and then choose the ones that are best suitable for your travelling needs. However, travelling in trains can be pretty expensive if you are not aware of the system.

Some of the simple and easy ways to get best and cheap train tickets are:

Splitting the tickets –

Splitting the tickets does not mean splitting your journey, and rope getting down from the train in the middle. It simply means that you will need to split your journey tickets, according to the stations that are on the way. This method is suggested by the commuters who have been able to significantly decrease their train ticket fares.

The main reason for these kinds of practices is because different operators charge different fares for certain destinations. So by splitting the ticket, you can go for operators with the cheapest fare for the specified distance.

Enquiries about national rail –

Even If you don’t have internet access, you can still find information about the off-peak railway tickets through national rail enquiries (NRE). The NRE provides information like, best priced train ticket, time of departure and arrival of any train, train stoppage routes, etc. NRE can become very useful and informative guide for the general public.

Group travels –

Group travelling here is something like you booking railway tickets for more than 4 adults. Group travel has one major advantage, when you book ticket for more than 4 adults in the same train for the same destination, you are provided with up to 35% discount on the total amount by train operators. Different operators offer different discount percentage.

Advance booking –

Whenever you plan a holiday or plan to go to any destination, book your Train Line tickets as early as possible. Ideally, you are get the best deals if you book your tickets 12 weeks before your actual journey date. If you are not sure of your travel dates 12 weeks before, then you can book your ticket in advance in a mid week, as travelling in weekends and peak time can be very expensive.

Always tried to plan your vacation and getaways beforehand to get fair and best deals from the national railways. Always check the fares and discounts of all the operators, if and plan your travel keeping all the above suggestions in mind.