Tipping As A Spiritual Practice

My husband is the biggest tipper I know – and he has changed my thinking about tipping.

For a long time after I married Dennis I was amazed at the amount he tipped. I mean, it’s not like a hundred dollars or anything, but he always tips 20% or more.

For example, this past week we had lunch at a Chinese buffet and our bill was like $17.00. He tipped $5.00 – a pretty good tip for a buffet and a $17.00 meal, right?

He always tips 20% or MORE.

It doesn’t matter to us if the server did a good job… or if the food is good. We tip the same.

If there is a problem with the service or the food, we talk to the manager of the restaurant.

So how is tipping a Spiritual Practice?

Well, I have come to learn that when I tip abundantly I FEEL abundant … and I help the server to feel abundant.

$5.00 in your pocket can make the difference in a good night and a bad night for a server, don’t you think?

In addition, it is another way to GIVE. When we give, we also open the ability to receive.

What if every time you tipped you thought of it as seed money?

Planting seeds with your tips… knowing that what you give – wherever you give it… when given with an abundant spirit… will create an opening for you to receive.

Powerful stuff, huh?

So, the next time you go to a restaurant, remember that you have the opportunity to practice abundance by being abundant with your tip.

You have the opportunity to create a feeling of abundance in someone else.

Imagine how a server feels when they clear a table and find a dollar or two dollar tip.

Then imagine how they feel when they see five or ten dollars or more.


Won’t you join us in the practice of tipping as a part of your own Spiritual Practice.

Call it a mission. A mission to create more abundance in the world, starting with YOU.

You ARE abundant.